Monday, November 26, 2012

Suge knight says tupac alive

                                       SUGE KNIGHT ADMIT THAT TUPAC IS ALIVE

                             Is suge telling the truth or lying and here a recent photo of tupac guys


  1. Replies
    1. he could have always had it covered up and or removed basically to lessen the chances of us catching a photo where we can ask that exact question of yours danny ijs you never know...

  2. man this npic is a lil too old....if he is 43 he wouldnt look like a 60 yr old

  3. If he's missing a lung he could look like he's 70...

  4. I'm not against the idea that he might be alive, but this is not a recent photo that's just a regular photo of him put through an app like oldbooth I have the app it makes me look realistically old and I'm 18. I can tell it's not real though.

  5. This nigga is dead let him die in peace PLEASE

  6. Look up this app on your phone called Age Booth. That's clearly what this photo was edited with. Or something similar. I do believe he's alive though :-)