Monday, April 1, 2013

Tupac Aunt Assata Shakur Living In Cuba with Tupac

Assata shakur First Woman On FBI's Most Wanted Terrorist List been on the run for over 30 years for killing a trooper in 1979 many. Believe assata living with tupac in cuba since many believe he fled their in 1997 they are offering 2 million. Reward to her capture for any information leading to her going back to jail it begins with a traffic stop then she and others. Open fire killing a state trooper and a suspect how do u guys feel about this do u think that assata shakur living with tupac shakur in cuba.


  1. Yes. I believe they both live in Cuba.

  2. Come on now...y'all can't really be serious. Let the man rest in peace...He's DEAD & GONE! It's now 2015...what y'all gotta say about it now? Good Lord! SMH 😩

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